aquavirgo caviar

about us

Aquavirgo started from Caviar but we are so much more than caviar…

“Aqua Virgo” is named for the only remaining Roman Empire aqueduct still working today – a combination of tradition and innovation. And it is from these ancient traditions to today’s most refined and modern palates from which Aquavirgo Caviar is born.

AQV is the continuity of a journey begun by each of us: Maurizio, Massimo, Maddalena, and Luca. Each with very different backgrounds and life paths, we are all four tireless travelers with a fervent passion and appetite for the finest cuisine. AQV is a shared love for our land, a glass-raising celebration in honor of our new and old friendships, of timeless excellence and of beauty. We are “La Dolce Vita,” an Italian lifestyle embodied through the joy of living and sharing passionate and pleasurable moments with others from all traditions, cultures and experiences.

AQV Caviar is not only an exquisite delicacy, but also the emotion we feel in savoring it with others – in celebrating life and joy. It’s pure, fresh, authentic and sustainable and it is the result of our careful selection among the best producers of caviar in Italy.

Welcome to Aquavirgo Caviar. Welcome to la dolce vita.